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WHERE TO SEND PAYMENTS or other water utility correspondence:

Town of Brookside
1720 Brookside Ave
Brookside, CO 81212
Phone and Fax 719-276-3436
Regular Office Hours are Tuesday, or Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Other hours may include Monday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Water Emergencies: The Water Operator/Utility Clerk can be contacted after regular business hours at 303-862-0531.

Brookside Water Enterprise

The Brookside Water Enterprise purchases water from the Canon City Water Department and supplies water to 96 taps and 30 fire hydrants within the Town of Brookside. The Town belongs to the Canon City Fire District.

In 2000, a USDA Rural Loan for $170,000 was pursued for water system improvements. The monthly residential payments on this loan are currently $7.06. This amount is calculated by dividing the annual loan payment amount of $7,628 by the number of taps in the Town by 12 months.
[$7,628/#taps/12 months = monthly charge.]

The loan is scheduled to be paid off in 2039. The town also received a $350,427.00 USDA Grant at that time. The monies were needed to improve the water system so that it could meet the required fire protection standards.

In 2016, the Town of Brookside received a $322,500 grant from DOLA to complete the water improvements. This project decommissioned all of the aging water lines and brought all of the water meters up-to-date, providing state-required backflow prevention and radio-read meter capabilities. The Town also applied for loans from the Colorado State Revolving Fund to complete this project. The loans were approved. Subsequently, the loans were granted complete loan forgiveness. Therefore, the new Water System Improvement Project did not raise water rates for our customers.


WHERE TO SEND PAYMENTS or other water utility correspondence:

Town of Brookside, 1720 Brookside Ave, Brookside, CO 81212

Office and Fax 719-276-3436



  • For billing information:
    (719) 276-3436 Tuesday or Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • The Clerk is in the office at additional times, call to verify that she is available if coming outside of the times listed above.

The Town must comply with strict state regulations for water supply. Our Water Operator completes regular water testing as required by the State. An annual Water Quality Report is sent to property owners/residents on an annual basis. Reports can be viewed at the links at the end of this page.

Water Bill Payment:

  • Please reference your account number on your check.
  • Water bills may be paid by check, cash or money order or online.
  • Online link for water payment by debit/credit card: www.colorado.gov/payment/townofbrookside
  • To pay your bill by mail, send to Town of Brookside, 1720 Brookside Ave. Brookside, CO 81212.
  • To pay your bill in person, visit our office at 1720 Brookside Ave. Brookside, CO 81212.
  • Payment may be placed in the after-hours drop box by the entrance to the Clerk's Office.
  • GO PAPERLESS Sign up to receive your water bills via email by sending a message to townclerk@townofbrookside.org  Water@townofbrookside.org.
  • Failure to receive a water bill will not relieve the consumer from the consequences of non-payment.
  • Please make sure your record on file is current. Send all address change requests to townclerk@townofbrookside.org or call 719-276-3436. Water@townofbrookside.org 
  • If you have been placed on a cash only basis due to returned checks, payment must be made by cash, cashier check, or money order.

Water Charges:

  • Every water user whose property or structure is physically connected to the water system shall pay a monthly meter charge for the privilege of being connected to the water system.
  • Meter charges shall be assessed, billed and payable in spite of any discontinuation of water service that is requested by a water user or imposed by the Water Department.
  • If a water meter fails to register, the consumer will be charged at the average daily consumption as shown by the meter when in working order.
  • Charges for water service create a lien against the real property where water service has been received until such charges have been paid in full.
  • The monthly water invoice includes the following charges:
    • Usage of water: $6.28 per 1,000 gallons of water used calculated by meter readings.
    • Debt Service Charge: ($7.06) In 1999, the water enterprise took out a Water Improvement Loan with USDA. This amount is calculated to divide the bi-annual loan payment of $3,814.00 evenly between all water customers. The loan continues until the year 2039.
    • Water tap service charge: ($21.24) This amount has been calculated to cover the day-to-day expenses of maintaining the water system.
    • Water Improvement Reserve: ($10.00) This amount is used to pay for replacement of water meters, fire hydrants and other water system components.
  • In May of 2012, Colorado Rural Water Association completed a water rate study of our enterprise. The water rates were approved as sufficient for day-to-day operations.
  • An additional charge to create a reserve for repair and replacement of the water system was recommended. Thus, the water improvement reserve charge was added.
    • The monthly charge of $10 per meter creates an additional $10,000 annually. This charge was what was recommended.

Delinquent Charges:

  • Water bills are due by 5:00 p.m. on due date or a penalty of $15.00 will be applied monthly until account balance, including all fees, has been paid in full. Additional fees may apply if payment remains unpaid.
  • Delinquent notice: $15.00 Administrative fee.
  • Disconnect fee $25.00 and reconnect fee $25.00. Owner or owner's representative must be present for water reconnect.
  • A $10 return trip fee will be charged if no one is available when the service person comes to make the reconnect.

Other Fees:

  • Transfer/Final reading and billing: $15.00
  • Customer-requested Meter reading: $10.00 (fee is waived if the utility misread the meter)
  • Meter accuracy check fee: Customer will be charged all costs incurred in checking the accuracy of meter unless meter is found to be significantly inaccurate.
  • RETURNED CHECK FEE: The Town of Brookside charges a $24 fee for all returned checks. Payment must by cash, cashier's check, or money order and include any additional fees that are charged.
  • Meter tampering fee: The actual cost of repairs plus an administrative fee of $50.00.
  • Letter of credit fee: Customers who move away and request a letter of credit that reflects their payment history while they were customers will be charged a $5.00 fee to provide a letter of credit.

Water Taps

A new 3/4" residential water tap fee in Brookside is $12,925.00, Cañon City receives $7,125.00.

The tap fees are payable in full at time of application. Water service fees will be initiated upon purchase of the tap, regardless of when installation of the tap or the occupancy of the home occurs.

Getting approval for a new water tap starts with obtaining a Town of Brookside Building Permit. The Property Owner must submit construction drawings for a Building Permit.

A number of agencies must give approval prior to the issuance of a Building Permit, one of which is the Fremont County Public Health Department.

Water Quality Reports (CCR)

To ensure the safety of our water supply, the State of Colorado enforces strict testing regulations. The Town's Water Operator performs these tests. Testing for bacteria is done on a monthly basis, other tests are done annually on a specific schedule that is available upon request. Each year, the State issues the results of all testing that has been done in the previous year - the Consumer Confidence Report. This report is distributed to all District members in the second quarter of each year.


Further water system information can be found in these documents:


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